About us

We are simply building upon the foundation Erin’s parents (the Fishers of Fish Holler) laid in what seems to be a natural progression. Our general path is towards a more symbiotic relationship with our bit of land, our family and, our broader community . Both Erin and Mark have been intimately involved with more traditional (and sunnier!) organic farming in multiple states and climates, but the nature of home and selves has led to forest, shade tolerant, and indoor endeavors, namely microgreens, wildcrafted and cultivated culinary and medicinal mushrooms and herbs, and (coming soon) vermicomposting. We aim to provide our community with health supporting goods as a means to sustain our existence as we work towards rebuilding our home and actualizing a multigenerational dream of self-sufficient living in our little holler.

Erin grew up in the holler and is thrilled to be back, in the parental role. She manages the microgreen and medicinal facets of our endeavors with the messy help of our twins and attention shared with big brothers and general household projects.

Mark manages our mushroom projects and handles most deliveries while juggling toddlers, long distance parenting, and the constantly evolving and sometimes quite pressing infrastructural needs of our home and business.

The Schoeck kids are an interesting bunch! Elijah and Isaac spend their summers and breaks in the holler and the rest of their time in Auburn, AL staying busy with school and sports. Elijah enjoys playing guitar and soccer and adventurous eating! He has been helping grow food for years! Isaac is our master taster and apprenticed chef and enjoys playing basketball. He enjoys microgreens as an alternative to less desirable dishes and has helped grow his fair share! Isely and Piper enjoy family, friends, making messes, playing, and living the toddler life!