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Making friends with bacteria

We are always working on lowering waste and closing our resource cycle, and right now are focused on improving our composting program and soil sourcing! After mulling it over for a while, we have switched from mined vermiculite to the agro-byproduct organic rice hulls for soil aeration, and are diving headlong into integrating probiotic cultures to our

Kids & Barberry

These little hands are deeply involved in everything we grow, forage, and create for our family and yours! They made a game of navigating the needle sharp barberry spines, simultaneously learning about plant defenses and delicacy as they harvested these nutritious berries for future teas and full spectrum extract.Barberry has been well researched for multiple

Update for Feb 17-19

We are picking up on the subtle thrill of the late winter stirring in our sleepy bit of forest. The trees are stretching their toes, and tentatively sending energy upwards as they gauge the warming soil and lengthening days. We are finishing our first small batch of maple syrup today, noticing a few daffodil shoots, and

Update for 12/2-4

For those of you lighting candles, may they burn steady and bright, and for everyone feasting, we hope that your meals were/are fulfilling and your leftovers delicious!  Mark is working out a schedule for lab work in the shroom room. This has been a bit difficult with 3 year-olds who want to help with everything,

Update for 10/21-22

Alright folks, We’re going to attempt more website maintenance again now that we are coming out of the rush of summer. Our internet service is pretty terrible, but we will do our best! Our mushroom production is a bit slow right now, but as soon as we build a bit of a firewood stash, we

Update for 8/5-6

We have shiitakes! Microgreens this week are: Sunflower Radish Pea Broccoli Purple kohlrabi Cilantro Spicy mix Mellow mix We also have plenty of herbal products! We will be at the Cumberland farmer’s market on Thursday (8/5) and offering free home delivery on Friday (8/6). Please order by Wednesday for either option. Thanks!

We’re back! Delivery on 7/30-31

We are home, microgreens are growing, and mushroom logs soaking. It’s so hot, I am really unsure how the shiitakes will do this time, but we also started some more indoors, so we’ll have some sort of shrooms for you as soon as we can. Our forest is parched and full of fearless deer, so

Update for July 1-2

Hey, all We are at the point of the summer where we are so busy that all of our list of seasonal aspirations seem a bit daunting and winter preparation slightly looming. Ah well. As long as we find time to resheath and side our house, replace all of our windows, make an office space
Happy Father’s day after to all you pops and happy Juneteenth and solstice all around! What a festive weekend! Our twins saw fireflies for the first time last night by staying up a bit late for the shortest night and longest day. Mark found enough clack trumpet mushrooms (a type of chanterelles) or one nice