Boisterous botanicals

Invasive plants. What a title. We are fascinated by the human relationship with plants and not overly impressed when it takes on an ‘us and them’ combative approach.

We are interested in reevaluating our understanding of “invasive” species and working on developing a healthier relationship rather than perpetuating warfare.

Some of these “noxious weeds” make it really easy by being exceptionally useful and in many ways similar to humans. Many take root in the wake of human disturbance and destruction, cleaning up and filling polluted and barren bits of earth while also providing an array of exceptional medicine for our ailments.

Don’t worry! I’m not advocating for their unchecked expansion. I am, however, interested in moving away from chemical warfare and towards joyful harvest as an alternative means of containment. Many ecosystems and species are threatened by and sadly pushed to extinction by human [dare I say] invasion, so reducing the additional stress of over-zealous plant competition can be important; however, dousing the ‘bad’ plants in glyphosate will do nothing to help the ‘good’ ones. Harvesting with equal exuberance, could be beneficial to humans and over-run areas alike.

Multiple (poison free!) methods may certainly  be warranted, but I see no harm, at the very least, in benefiting from these interesting plants while keeping them in check as we deepen our understanding, rather than soley fighting  to eradicate them.