We put ourselves into our microgreens, growing with attention to detail, love, and an eye towards improvement.

We hand mix our soil from certified organic componants.

The majority of our seeds are certified organic and all are non-GMO and sourced from concientious suppliers who have taken the safe seed pledge and are independent of monsanto and it’s subsidiaries.

During the winter months we provide our microgreens with full spectrum lighting in our heated grow room.

We hand water with filtered spring water twice daily or as needed

We harvest to order during each planting’s ideal window, so there can be mild variance in maturity within a single variety. This means that some orders may have only cotyledons (seed leaves) while others a few days later may have “true leaves.” we do this to keep our microgreens as fresh as possible for our customers. When grown to order, you may specify a stage of growth, if you have a preference!

We grow microgreens year round! Contact us for information