Local Roots Fire Cider Oxymel

Local Roots Fire Cider Oxymel


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4 ounce amber glass bottle of locally based fire cider oxymel: For what ails ya

This unique pink fire cider oxymel and sippin’ cider is almost entirely Local! Made with the following ingredients:

  • Organic apple cider vinegar
  • Sugar Hollow honey
  • Savage Mt onion
  • Fish Holler horseradish
  • Local garlic
  • Savage Mt beets
  • Honey moon ginger
  • local turmeric
  • Honey moon cayenne
  • Fish Holler shiitake
  • Fish Holler goldenseal
  • Fish Holler thyme
  • Fish Holler rosemary
  • organic black pepper

It is tasty by the “shot” or sip, mixed into a drink, with oil for a salad dressing, or wherever you might use another vinegar.

Many also find it helpful at reducing the duration and symptoms of minor illness if taken at first signs of infection and for general wellness any time.

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