Monotropa extract

Monotropa extract


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1 ounce amber glass dropper bottle of monotropa uniflora tincture

Ingredients: freshly harvested Monotropa uniflora, spring water, grain alcohol

Monotropa uniflora is a chlorophyll lacking plant with one scaly stalk leading to a single central flower. The whole plant is a nearly translucent white and shaped a bit like a long handled pipe with the flower facing the ground for much of it’s above ground life. Early every summer areas of our forest are covered in clusters of these strange beauties, which survive by tapping into the mycorrhizal connection of russula mushrooms and their energy providing green friends. Monotropa is so delicate that we bring a tincture jar to the forest and start it immediately upon harvest.
The white plants make a beautiful purple tincture that is often used for physical and emotional pain. In many people’s experience, it doesn’t so much deaden the pain as allow one’s mind not to focus on it, which for many can be very helpful. Some find it to be specifically helpful for deep back pain and long lasting grief, and some types or seizure.

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