Open air: Lung & Allergy Elixir

Open air: Lung & Allergy Elixir


1 ounce amber glass dropper bottle of handcrafted locally based elixer (tincture+honey)

A blend of the following tinctures:

  • Urtica dioica
  • Grifola frondosa
  • Lentinula edodes
  • Taraxacum officinale
  • Verbascum thapsus
  • Solidago canadensis
  • Schisandra chinensis
  • Ganoderma tsugae
  • Local honey
  • Distilled water
  • Grain alcohol

Designed to support your body through sensitivity to seasonal allergens


*this statement and product have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA and are chosen based upon herbal research and traditional uses. Please consult your doctor with questions.

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