Sweet Birch Salve

Sweet Birch Salve


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1 ounce of handcrafted Sweet Birch Salve

Sweet birch (Betula lenta) bark, and root, non GMO grapeseed oil, certified organic beeswax.

Betula is a pleasant and prolific presence in our forest. It grows in thick stands in it’s youth, heavily populating old logging trails and forest openings. It has a long history of traditional uses and some that have been scientifically deconstructed more recently, applying a different perspective to some of what people have known for ages.

Sweet birch has several medicinal compounds including the notably anti-inflammatory, astringent, and potentially even anti-tumor (and more!) betulinic acid and the analgesic methyl salicylate.


This salve can be helpful at managing joint and muscle pain and swelling as well as rashes and other skin irritations.





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