Take Heart

Take Heart

1 fluid ounce amber glass dropper bottle of handcrafted herbal extract

I designed this extract for a friend who was going through terribly hard times. My friend survived and a few others have enjoyed the lightly grounding, calming effects of this blend, so I’ve decided to keep it around!

It can be useful in times of stress, grief, and general overwhelm, fear, or anxiety. It won’t magically erase the difficulties, of course, but can help calm ones mind in order to better handle the situation.


  • Mimosa (Albizzia julibrissen), bark and flower known as “the tree of happiness,” the fuzzy pink flowers can inspire happiness at a glance and are traditionally used to improve low mood. The bark is though to be more grounding, for times when your mind is wondering in avoidance.
  • Skullcap is often used for anxiety, overthinking, and insomnia
  • Rose petals are a gentle favorite for grief and heart-ache
  • hawthorn berries for heart health. nourishment, and strength
  • lavender flower for gentle calming
  • motherwort or stress reduction
  • ashwagandha root for stress management
  • extracted in Water, grain alcohol, and vegetable glycerin

suggested use: Take by dropper as needed.

Disclaimer: this product and it’s label have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA and are not designed to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. the information provided here and throughout this website is for educational purposes only. consult a qualified healthcare provider with questions

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