Pain blend*

Pain blend*


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1 ounce Amber glass bottle of handcrafted herbal extract

A blend of individually extracted plants and mushrooms used for pain reducing components. For all sorts of pain.

All local ingredients:

Monotropa uniflora
My favorite anti-inflammatory, sweet birch
And it’s mushroom companion dual extracted birch polypore
Antispasmodic cramp bark
Analgesic White willow
Dual extracted wild lettuce
Eventually I may work in some poppy, but I don’t currently have any.
This combination is designed for generalized pain, spasm, and inflammation. Mark found it to be helpful for tooth pain and healing post extraction and it was very helpful for me in the first days postpartum!
*This product has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose,treat, or cure any illness


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