Barberry whole plant extract

Barberry whole plant extract


1 ounce amber glass dropper bottle of handcrafted, locally based Berberis thurnbergii extract

This extract takes most of a year to make. From spring fresh to winter dormancy. It is made with fresh Berberis thurnbergii root, leaf, flower, and berry each harvested in their seasonal prime and individually extracted before being combined.

Barberry has been well researched for multiple components, most notably berberine and berbamine. The medicinal compounds are most concentrated in the roots, but including the leaves, harvested when in flower, improves function. The berries are a nutrient rich antioxidant bonus to this full plant  broad spectrum extract.

Barberry can be useful for GI infections, as a digestive bitter, for oral health, insulin resistance and metabolic disorder, liver and skin health, and wound care. It has alterative, antioxidant, antimicrobial, antihypertensive,  and astringent properties, and even exibits antitumor potential!  It is also a bit overzealous in growing habits, so we feel good about harvesting in relative abundance.

We have an isolated root extract, if you prefer

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