Birch Polypore tincture

Birch Polypore tincture


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1oz dropper bottle of handcrafted Fomotopsis betulinus dual extract

An ancient medicinal birch polypore is famous for having been discovered with Ötzi, the 5000 year old glacial mummy. It is hypothesized that he was carrying it for medicinal use. Perhaps for the arthritis, parasites, or injuries apparent in his body.

In modernity it is appreciated for it’s broad medicinal potential.

Research suggests that it may be antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antitumor, antiparasitic and have immuno-modulating, neuroprotective, and liver and GI supporting and tonic properties. I also hypothesize that it may be helpful in fighting Lyme borellia, so include it in our Lyme out tincture blend.


Fish Holler grown fomitopsis betulinus, grain alcohol, distilled water. Dual extracted for best results

Suggested use: take by dropper sublingually or in a small amount of water 1-5 times daily. 

Contraindications: none known, but always consult a trusted healthcare provider if you are unsure




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