Chickweed tincture

Chickweed tincture


1 ounce dropper bottle of handcrafted Stellaria media tincture

Fresh, in flower Stellaria media, spring water, grain alcohol.

This beautiful and delicious edible plant keeps giving by being a wonderful medicinal!

By late winter our chickweed starts pushing through the snow, giving us a glimpse of green days to come as well as a nutritive nibble as we pass by. In early spring, stellaria is juicy, sprawling all over, and speckled with little starry flowers: this is when we harvest!

Our tincture is concentrated at 1 part fresh flowering plant to 2 parts 50% alcohol. We need to load our soxhlet twice in order to fit all of the green into this extract.

Stellaria has been used internally to treat a broad range of disorders of the gastrointestinal and respiratory systems, to aid in managing diabetes, anemia, and in general is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, mildly cleansing, cooling, and energizing and lends a gentle boost to sluggish metabolism. This soothing plant has plenty of topical applications as well! Not bad for a super common weed!

There are no contraindications to my knowledge, so it is safe for general use, but of course consult your doctor with questions.

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