Compost service

Compost service


Compost pick-up. Free with any order!


If you are unable or do not want to compost at home but would like to redirect your compostables, we’d love to help!!

We would be tickled to pick up your compost for free when delivering to your home. You can set it out in any container and we can dump it into a larger one on the spot, just let us know!


If you would like us to provide a bucket to be swapped out upon pick-up, there will be a one time deposit of $2

It will be $5 for compost pick-up independent of delivery, so don’t hesitate if you are not in need of any of our products.

We are happy to pick up:

  • Fruit and veggie scraps
  • Eggshells
  • Coffee and tea (filters and bags included)
  • Chemical free grass trimmings (give us some warning if you have a lot)
  • Newspaper and brown paper

Please do not include

  • Meat/bones
  • Dairy
  • Oils
  • Cooked foods
  • Glossy or dyed paper
  • Anything that has been treated with chemicals (pesticides, insecticides, etc)


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