wound & Burn spray

wound & Burn spray


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2 fluid ounce black glass spray bottle of locally sourced, handcrafted extract

for injuries that call for a fast drying topical remedy, this spray is helpful for burns, infections, and broken skin.


  • calendula
  • yarrow
  • burdock
  • birch polypore
  • turmeric, black pepper
  • turmeric honey
  • grain alcohol
  • water
  • vegetable glycerin

suggested use:

spot test on uninjured skin and be aware that it could sting briefly when applied to open wounds.

spray on injuries as soon as possible, reapply as necessary. we find that minor burns take 2-3 applications before the pain dissipates. for slow healing or inflamed injuries reapply 1-3 times daily.

disclaimer: This product and the information provided here have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA seek medical advice for serious injuries or infections.

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