Update for 10/21-22

Update for 10/21-22

Alright folks, We’re going to attempt more website maintenance again now that we are coming out of the rush of summer. Our internet service is pretty terrible, but we will do our best!

Our mushroom production is a bit slow right now, but as soon as we build a bit of a firewood stash, we are going to shift our focus back to our shroom room in order to provide you with fresh, local mushrooms during the winter! We will keep you posted.

Microgreens keep chugging along, but we have reduced our selection a bit as market season comes to a close. Let us know if you have any requests, and we will amend our planting list accordingly. This week we will have:

  • Sunflower
  • Pea
  • Broccoli
  • Cress *limited*
  • Cantaloupe *limited*
  • Spicy mix
  • Mellow mix
  • Deli mix

We Finished a new batch of Black Walnut Antifungal Salve and Coral Tooth dual extracted tincture (similar to lion’s mane) and have plenty of other salves, tinctures, oxymels, and syrups to explore.

Feel free to join our email list for easy access to weekly updates by contacting us via this website or emailing fishholler@gmail.com.

Thanks and happy autumn!

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