Update for delivery 4/16

Update for delivery 4/16

This rainy weekend marked the completion of the year’s outdoor mushroom inoculation as well as our first shiitake soaking, which should bring a flush by 2 weeks from now!

The ticks are relentlessly harassing us this spring, so I am making an “bite & sting salve” with Lyme specific knotweed and teasel, antimicrobial and antibacterial barberry, soothing and drawing plantain, and additionally drawing and antimicrobial pine pitch infused oils and beeswax. This is simple, all local, and like all of our salves scent, essential oil, and filler free. I have been using these oils separately with good results, so figured I would simplify the application. We needed some more beeswax to finish this salve, so rendered some more from honey moon farm. All in all, it’s been a busy handful of days!

Microgreens this week are:

Wheatgrass (local organic wheat!)
Spicy mix

Please order by Thursday for free delivery ($7 minimum) Friday morning.

We hope you are all well!

The Schoeck family

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