We’re back! Delivery on 7/30-31

We’re back! Delivery on 7/30-31

We are home, microgreens are growing, and mushroom logs soaking. It’s so hot, I am really unsure how the shiitakes will do this time, but we also started some more indoors, so we’ll have some sort of shrooms for you as soon as we can. Our forest is parched and full of fearless deer, so has a startling lack of wild mushrooms and many chomped plants as a result. This is mildly ironic because we had a very wet (and enjoyable), mushroom filled camping trip. Hopefully we see some rain here soon!

I made another batch of wound salve and am recreating the witch flower skin food because I was sad to see that the last batch had an overly short shelf-life and needed to be tossed. The new version will include organic castor, hemp and pumpkin seed oils. I rendered our last beeswax for these two, so we’ll be looking for more for sale or trade!

We planted some of our faster growing microgreens the day we returned and expect the following to be ready for delivery this coming Friday:

Sunflower (maybe ready)
Spicy mix

We are on the fence about market this week, but will be ready for the following one!

Please order by daytime Thursday (29th) for Friday (30th) delivery.

We look forward to seeing everyone,

Mark & Erin

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