Update for market pick-up & home delivery 5/13-14

Update for market pick-up & home delivery 5/13-14

Happy day after mother’s day to all of you mothers of any sort!

We are watching the rain with appreciation for all it will bring and enjoying what will presumably be the last bit of cold of the season with hot tea and blankets. The frost date may be wrong this year after all, but we are hopeful that the low temps won’t harm any of the more tender plants or mushrooms around us.

Mark spent the weekend taking a wild mushroom food safety certification course with Mushroom Mountain (if you are interested in growing or foraging mushrooms, they are a great resource!), which will increase his fungal literacy and make home a card carrying certified forager. We’re excited!

If it stops raining, I plan to put together a general wound salve* for minor cuts and scrapes with Comfrey, self heal, barberry (similar to goldenseal), calendula, birch, and yarrow extracted in grape seed oil with honeymoon farm beeswax. Like all of our salves, this one will be made with whole plants (all local) slowly extracted in oil with no essential oils, perfumes, colors, or other additives.

Microgreens this week are:

Spicy mix
Mild mix
Colorful mix

If the cold doesn’t impede them too much, we will have some more shiitakes for you. Pre Order for delivery or market pickup if you want a chance because they are selling quickly-if they don’t come through this week, you will be at the top of the list when they do.

We have an array of syrups, oxymels, salves, and tinctures as well!

Please order by Wednesday so we can harvest accordingly for Thursday pickup or Friday delivery.

Don’t forget to hug your Mama/s every time you have the chance!


*These statements and products have not been evaluated by the FDA and are based upon traditional uses. We are not medical professionals and none of our products are intended to treat any illness

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