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Update For Harvest 5/27-28

Hey, allI hope you are enjoying the summer-time feel! Our shiitakes certainly seem to be and they are so plentiful this week that we will give you a $8/quart sale on all preorders. If you order via our web shop and want a quart of shiitakes, add a note and we will adjust your order.

Update for delivery 4/9

We’re still counting the shoots and flowers while trying to keep the kiddos from picking them all. The spring ephemerals are mostly in attendance now and are luckily less appealing to the flower plucking toddlers than the showy daffodils and crocuses. This week we came up with “golden honey,” which is designed as a golden

Products available for free home delivery Friday 1/15

This week we are excited to introduce our newest oxymel, grassy roots! It is made with organic apple cider vinegar, local honey, our freshly harvested wheatgrass, organic ginger, local garlic, fresh turmeric, and organic black peppercorns. This delicious and healthful combination is easy to enjoy in zesty sips or shots, mixed with water, or added