Update for delivery 4/9

Update for delivery 4/9

We’re still counting the shoots and flowers while trying to keep the kiddos from picking them all. The spring ephemerals are mostly in attendance now and are luckily less appealing to the flower plucking toddlers than the showy daffodils and crocuses.

This week we came up with “golden honey,” which is designed as a golden milk base, but tastes lovely plain as well. It is made with:

Sugar hollow honey
Spring water
Fresh turmeric
Fresh ginger
Black pepper

We are working on solidifying our recipes and slightly reducing our herbal offerings, so we can be a bit more consistent, so let us know if you have input.

Microgreens this week are:

Spicy mix

Order via our website (follow the links above or browse our shop) or by emailing fishholler@gmail.com by Thursday evening for free delivery Friday morning.


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