Update for free delivery Friday February 12th

Update for free delivery Friday February 12th

A peak at our driveway

Well, there may not be much snow on the pavement, but our road is maintaining 4 wheel drive only, so we are still mostly snowed in and your delivery will likely be announced by an array of very old jeep noises.

We are on the third and final day of creating a new batch of “chill out honey,” and once we have finished reducing the long steeped and simmered medley of calming herbs we will let it cool and mix in the honey. I have to admit that we used far more than we sold of the last batch.

Chill out honey in the making

I decided to make another blended salve after hurrying through some firewood work and waking up the next morning feeling quite grown up. It is a blend of local birch, goldenrod, and hypericum infused grapeseed oil and local beeswax. This combination targets muscular, tissue, and nerve related inflammation and pain and is our new go-to for bumps, bruises, bites (twin toddlers, sigh), and general aches and pains. For lack of creativity we’ll call it “bumps & bruises, aches & pains” salve.

We will have the following microgreens as well as plenty of other syrups, oxymels, tinctures, and salves.

Order by following the linked products or browsing our website, by emailing us at fishholler@gmail.com or via Facebook messenger.


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