Update For Harvest 5/27-28

Update For Harvest 5/27-28

Hey, all
I hope you are enjoying the summer-time feel! Our shiitakes certainly seem to be and they are so plentiful this week that we will give you a $8/quart sale on all preorders. If you order via our web shop and want a quart of shiitakes, add a note and we will adjust your order.

I’m suddenly realizing that spring is about over and that I can’t put off spring activities any longer unless I want to wait until next year. I like that our work requires us to pay more attention to seasonal cycles with the gentle, natural consequence of a long wait if we don’t; but I frequently attempt to do too much and find desicated mushrooms, watch flowers bloom and fall, leaves toughen, whole plants return to the soil as root or seed. On to summer!
I am making another batch of our “bite and sting salve” and may find time to finalize our poison ivy salve or cream recipe.

Microgreens this week are:

Check out our other herbal products here!

Please order by Wednesday and specify Thursday pickup at the Cumberland farmer’s market or Friday home delivery. 


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