Fish Holler Update for 6/3-4

Fish Holler Update for 6/3-4

Good morning, all

While all of the other produce rolls in, microgreens are less vital than during the less green months, but they are still packed full of nutrients and flavor, so we keep them growing and in our meals and hope that you continue to integrate them into yours as well! We are busy enough that finding the time to compile research about each microgreen is difficult, but I am slowly working on digging up more research about their nutritional value and will share varietal information as I put it together.

We have more shiitakes fruiting, but are a bit unsure about timing this week. We hope to have them, but no guarantees this time.

I am making new batches of lavender drawing salve and triple leaf salve (which we use for general skin irritation and inflammation), and may add one more.

We have a large array of local, fresh plant tinctures on hand that we have yet to list, so let us know if you are looking for anything specific. I personally use our Grassy Roots Oxymel and Berry Shroomy Elixer (elixer may sound like a fairytail potion, but it simply means a tincture with honey) on a daily basis because they have such broadly beneficial applications, and integrate other herbs as needed.

Microgreens this week are:









Spicy Mix

Deli Mix

Colorful Mix

Mild Mix

Please order by Wednesday and specify Pickup at the Thursday Market in Cumberland or home delivery on Friday. If you come by the market on Thursday, wish Mark a happy birthday!


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